Nantucket in September

We might not tell you where our favorite Nantucket beach is, but we will let you in on the best kept secret about Nantucket!
Here it is…
September is the best month of the year on Nantucket!

For decades all the summer visitors to the Island left by Labor Day thinking that they had experienced the best of Nantucket. We weren’t about to correct them as we wanted our Island back for ourselves. We didn’t dare let them know the “September Secret”.  As Islanders we even had a coveted mantra we greeted each other with at the beginning of each season, “See you in September”, wink, wink! That would get us through each intense summer season. Little by little the “September secret” leaked out, and now it’s prime time on the Island.

So many factors converge to make Nantucket a perfect Autumn location…
Warm sunny days, cool, crisp evenings, with clear skies filled with puffy clouds by day and billions of stars at night. Nantucket Sound water temperature is a perfect 68-72 and the Ocean water temperatures are slightly colder. Reservations for dinner are recommended, but not necessary. All the shops, galleries, museums are open and in full swing with interesting and entertaining programs. And there are parking spaces on Main Street, and everyone has a smile on his face! How sweet is that!

The Sherburne Inn, open year round,  welcomes guests to the island every September. We have prime accommodations still available for the last two weeks of September. Each of our guest rooms is uniquely decorated offering a queen or king bed, four fluffy sleeping pillows and duvet, private bath, central AC, wireless Internet, and the famous Sherburne Inn breakfast basket delivered to your door each morning. Come experience Nantucket at it’s finest and stay with us. We look forward to your arrival!

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