Nantucket by eco bike tour

Eco-bike tours have officially arrived on Nantucket!

Those of you who have visited Nantucket in the past may know that over half the island is preserved in its natural state as conservation land.  Now, thanks to two young entrepreneurs, Jason Bridges and Courtney Nemeth, Sherburne Inn guests and others will be able to get to know and enjoy this magical island by taking an environmentally friendly guided bike tour.

Nantucket by Bike is now offering four tours of differing lengths and difficulties. “Half of these tours are going to be to the basic attractions that people want to see when they come to the island, but the other half is to find the hidden places that locals may not even know about and are best accessed by bike,” explains Bridges.

As part of our concierge service, we can help make your Nantucket stay more enjoyable.  Call us at 508-228-4425 to plan your next visit.

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