Restaurant Guide

Some of our guests refer to Nantucket as foodie heaven, and come here for the sole purpose of eating out. If money is no object, you can certainly enjoy several weeks of some of the finest meals anywhere each at a different and wonderful restaurant.

We also have great sandwich shops, cheap and cheerful pubs, and a selection of moderately priced restaurants all within a short walk of the Inn.

The Inquirer and Mirror’s Restaurant Guide is probably the most comprehensive of any on Nantucket. In it you will find the menu as well as other useful information about most Island restaurants.

Yesterdays Island has an excellent collection of reviews of many Nantucket favorites that provide you with additional insight.

Three restaurants: The Brotherhood of Thieves, Le Languedoc Bistro, and Dune, are within one block of our Inn but many more are just a minute or two further.  These include:  American Seasons,, 21 Federal, The Boarding House, The Pearl, Corazon del Mar, Center Street Bistro, Black Eyed Susan’s, Company of the Cauldron, Town, Queequeeg’s, Cy’s Lobster Pot, Oran Mor