Explore the Island


The best ways to get an overview of the Island and it’s distinct neighborhoods is taking a 2 hour guided tour by bus or mini-van.We like Gail’s Tours best but there are others who are also excellent. The focus is more on history and who lives here.For those who desire a guided tour by bike, try Nantucket by Bike. You can tour the island by NRTA bus.

For Bus/walking and bike maps of the island go to WheelsHeelsAndPedals.com/.

We can’t say enough about a drive to Great Point (Coskata-Cotue Wildlife Refuge) 1,117 acres. There are 2 guided trips a day or you can rent a 4-wheel drive yourself.Nantucket Conservation Foundation owns 30% of Nantucket. Get their trail maps and guides to amazing properties. Especially Sanford Farm, Middle Moors, and Squam Swamp. Great web site!

Nantucket Land Bank owns another 2,400+ acres and has great walking trails with outstanding website maps.