Concierge Services

So many questions! What to pack? What to do? Where to eat seafood? Where to swim? Should I bring my car? Etc. Etc.

We are a small intimate property, owned and operated by people who know and love Nantucket.  We want you not only to feel welcome at our Inn, but also be able to take advantage of our knowledge and insights, as well as the experience of previous guests, so you can have have the most enjoyable experience possible of Nantucket during your visit.

We are here to help you make sure that your visit to Nantucket best matches your interests and desires.

About 10 days before your arrival to the island we will contact you to see if you have questions or would like our assistance. We help you with:

  • travel advice to or around the island
  • restaurant suggestions
  • information on special events happening during your visit
  • information on activities or equipment
  • personalized in-room requests
  • advice on what to pack.

And during your stay we continue to steer you in the right direction and help you make arrangements as you require. Our aim is to be as unobtrusive yet supportive as possible while doing this.

We realize that there is also a vast quantity of information on the web at your disposal. We have tried hard to design our website with links to other useful sites and blog topics so to that you can be more efficient in planning and get more enjoyment from your visit.

After your visit we hope you take a few minutes to share your Nantucket comments, tips, and photos in our Guest Book, so that those who follow you can benefit from your experience as well.

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