Sherburne Inn Guest Spotlight: US Senator Scott Brown and Family



United States Senator Scott Brown, his wife, daughter and her friend stayed with us this past weekend while the Senator participated in the 2011 Nantucket Triathlon. Senator Brown placed 4th in his age group cheered on by Gail, their daughter, Adriana, and her friend, Russell. It was hot with high-humidity at the start of the event. An isolated fierce thunderstorm passed by quickly during the Madakat Road bike loop. (For further details and results
When asked how he liked his accommodations at the Sherburne Inn the Senator remarked:  “My room? – it’s like home. I love it.” As the Brown family was leaving Gail said a warm good-bye to Innkeeper Susan Daniels promising  to “spread the word about how comfortable the Inn was as well as it’s great location.”

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