Room One Gets a Facelift

Any of our guests that stayed in Room 1 in the last few years will know that, while it was was very comfortable, it was a bit somber. So this winter Susan decided that freshening it up would be one of her big winter projects.

Searching the web she found Brad Bender’s Wallcoverings Installation Academy and decided to schedule a class in the Inn. Two other students joined Susan and Brad at the Inn for a week in January, using Room 1 as the classroom.  Here are some before, during, and after photos.

Susan picked out 3 complementary wallpapers: one with a geometrical pattern for the alcove with a new loveseat, a whimsical floral pattern for the main part of the bedroom, and a small patterned french style paper for the bathroom. The loveseat pulls out into a single bed allowing us to accommodate two traveling singles or an additional guest in the room

We have christened Room One ‘Cheery Welcome’ to reflect the totally new look and feel of the room, and feel confident that you would enjoy staying there.

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